UK ID Review - 12-2018

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UK ID Review - 12-2018

Post by DylDog » Thu Dec 27, 2018 11:51 pm

Uncertainty Factor:
High, looks nearly 1:1 with a real UK DL, all same features as real DL including all holograms and UV, only flaw on my ID was the positioning of the second name but even this isn't anything instantly noticeable and the ID has worked fine thus far.

Pricing - 10/10
For pricing it will always be 10/10, super cheap ID's when ordering with bitcoin and it comes with a duplicate what more could you ask for. :P

Shipping - 10/10
Paid for express shipping on both my orders, first one took 2 weeks to come and second one took 9 days just in time for Christmas. :D

Raised text - 8/10
First ID I ordered from IDGOD back in November the raised text or surname came off way too easily and even ended up ruining one of the copies due to this and it was also was too bold, ID still worked multiple times though without a problem. However on the second batch I've ordered from IDGOD earlier this December the raised text was 10/10, doesn't scratch off easily at all and isn't as bold and black as older template. Also found that on both my ID's the name is off by a few mm, nothing to worry about but due to how good the ID is overall this is the only noticeable flaw, although my friends ID the positioning is fine so I guess I just got unlucky.

Signature - 10/10
Never had problems with signature, both times I've sent my own signature and both times they've come out fine.

Holograms - Back 8/10 / Front 10/10
Biggest difference I noticed on the second ID I ordered is that on the back they've actually added a lenticular lens and this is 100% what makes IDGOD's ID's stand out against other ID's, yet to find another fake ID vendor to use lenticular lens on the ID along with UV and no other errors. However the only flaw with this is that around the edge of the lens there's some sort of rubber or glue or something but I could easily get it off if I ever feel the need to and also it's not perfect but a massive improvement from before. Front holograms have also seen an improvement, not as shiny as the first ID I ordered which was one of the many flaws on it.

Material 10/10
When I first opened my first ID from IDGOD as soon as it touched my hands I questioned the material used as the card wasn't nearly as thick as a real UKDL, however on the second batch the material is perfect and couldn't be any better, same thickness as a real ID and the overall colour of the ID has also been improved.

Summary/Overall - 9/10
Overall this ID is the closest thing to a real ID I've seen out of all the fake ID's I've seen in my life including older ones from IDGOD and some from other vendors, in the space of one month (First ID ordered on 1st November and second ordered on 6th December) the overall quality and template have improved substantially, before when I held my ID and handed it over to use I was slightly nervous because even to an untrained eye they were very obviously and noticeably fake with the card being flimsy, raised text falling off too easily and being too bold, holograms were way too bright and a non existent lenticular lens, although even with the flaws I used the ID to get into 2 different venues that were known for being strict with ID's. However a month later and they're literally on par with a real driving licence. Card/material used is good quality and correct thickness, all raised text is good quality and doesn't come off easily, holograms are much more realistic not being too visible like they was before. Very happy with customer service too, emails were opened and I received replies very quickly and they seemed friendly. Definitely ordering more ID's from IDGOD in the next few days, 100% without a doubt in my mind these are the best fake ID's on the market atm, if you're having doubts about ordering from IDGOD you really have nothing to worry about.

Thank you.
Back of ID
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Front of ID
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Re: UK ID Review - 12-2018

Post by IDGOD » Fri Dec 28, 2018 8:55 am

Nice review thank you

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