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New Illinois Review

Post by Fsdeamon7 » Wed Nov 14, 2018 7:12 pm

This is my first review so bare with my if I missed information or anything like that. Just trying my best

Cost 10/10

I got it while there was a 75 off with Zcash so it was like $24 with priority shipping which made me tons of money reselling.

Communication 10/10

Always willing to help. Easily got a tracking number. Also email reprints because of an issue with lamentation and they fixed it right away.

Shipping 10/10

I received it in exactly 2 weeks which was fantastic. Completely worth getting priority shipping.

Stealth 10/10

Like always it passes thru customs and get right to my house without a problem

Texture 9/10

The difference of texture between the real Illinois and fake Illinois is very minimal. The fake one is just a bit to stronger compared to the real Illinois one

Photoshop 8/10

Photoshop is great overall but the the background in just a bit too dark. But war shadows and picture are spot on

Holograms 10/10

It has all the Holos the real Illinois has and they look great

Template 7.5/10

If your just looking at it without comparing it to a real one it looks greats. But once you compare it you can see many differences. On the fake the test is bolder than the real one. The red is more of a orangey red compared to the real. Word Illinois on the top left is the biggest giveaway that it is fake but it still only a subtle difference. I believe it is the lamentation that make all the color looks different because my real Illinois one isn’t a laminated.

Scan 10/10

I have never had an issue with it scanning

Back of ID 8.5/10

I’m not sure how to explain it but scan thing on the back of the fake is more dark and closer together than real. I also notice that on the top left it includes a random license number that is too long to be an actual one and does not match the one on the front. The real id has the same number as in the front. This isn’t much of an issue because I doubt anyone looks at that but it could be an easy fix.

Overall 9/10

I have used this ID countless of time without any issue. I’ve use it multiple times in state and didn’t have the slightest problem. I am very confident when using it especially if I am out of state.
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Re: New Illinois Review

Post by HalloSir » Thu Nov 15, 2018 3:39 am

nice review

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