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North Carolina Review

Post by chachchach » Mon Dec 10, 2018 5:21 pm

Cost 11/10

I was one person out of four for an order. Bulk discount + 50% off BTC promo? You're stupid if you think you would find a better deal for the quality of a G0d.

Communication 10/10

We did have to email tracking twice but they were always less than 24 hrs response.

Shipping Time 10/10

Ordered Early August with priority shipping. The id was made in 4 days, shipped within 3 more days, and was in transit for just under a month. I thought for sure they had been seized by customs by the end of august but one day they just kinda started moving again. Overall, the shipping was definitely slow but that clearly isn't G0ds fault.

Stealth 10/10

Obviously, they made it through customs without any problems. But if I lived with my parents I would still have a hard time explaining the contents of the package. However, that's not a problem I have to deal with so 10/10.

Texture/Material 9.5/10

Feels perfect imo. Passes bend test quite well. NC doesn't use any laminate on their newest issues so you don't have to worry anything peeling off which is nice. But I do have to mark off here: one of my IDs is flawless in terms of texture. The spare one has these minor raised bumps on the back, which honestly doesn't make it impossible to use, but I would be more hesitant to use it at a place that hard checks IDs.

Photoshop 9.5/10

I am absolutely amazed by the photoshop on this ID. My friend has a G0d from a few years back and there must have been major progress made. I would say it's literally impossible to tell the ear shadows were faked. Honestly, the shadows on G0d look more legitimate than my actual ID.

The only flaw, as far as the picture goes, is it is zoomed out a little too much. The bottom of the picture on the real ones usually starts at the base of the neck right about the collarbone, seeing very little of the shoulders. My G0d one starts lower on my body, showing a little but too much chest and shoulders. For reasons I'll explain later, this isn't a huge deal at all, just an observation I noticed.

Template 8/10

This is where there are some pitfalls of the ID come to play. Let me preface this by saying that this ID is nearly perfect and overall I would buy this one again, but this is just some of the nitty gritty stuff that only people who overthink things (like myself) would notice.

The biggest thing to start of is with the color of the birthday. On the real ID they are brown. On G0ds, they are black (or at least appear to be). You can definitely tell that they tried to make it brown, as it is slightly different than the rest of the black text, but a quick inspection from someone who knows what they are looking for is going to realize that the birthday is not "brown enough."

The second major pitfall is the signature. Now this one is hard to blame G0d for; it was completely my fault that I didn't submit a signature. Learn from my mistake and make sure to submit a signature on all future orders. It isn't bad, but the problem is it's a little too perfect and also better represents a females handwriting, which I am not. Closely looking at the signature you can tell that its a font. Again, I want to make it clear that this doesn't make or break the ID. I've been using it for a month and nobody has ever asked about or even noticed the signature.

Scan 10/10

Scanned successfully in Bar & Clubs and PDF 14. Only been to one actual location that scanned but no issues.

Blacklight Test 10/10

Absolutely flawless. Bouncer tested and approved.


Overall 9.5/10

So overall, this is an absolutely incredible ID. To reiterate, I have been using this for over a month and haven't had any major problems. I even ran into a bouncer that was pretty skeptical (because I was so nervous) and looked at my ID for over a minute and still let me in (because even though I was nervous, I had a real ID ;)). For myself, I personally would get NC again. Good quality, good ID, good price. However I would not recommend it for everybody. I have a big advantage of living in a big city with lots of tourist and college aged kids from around the country. So having an ID from North Carolina, even though it isn't particularly close to here, doesn't really raise any red flags with any bouncers, attendants, waiters, etc. That said, flaws like the imperfect birthday color, photo zoom, and even the signature aren't a huge deal to me cause I have the advantage of distance on my side. If I lived in NC, or one of its directly neighboring states, this probably wouldn't be my go-to-ID. I am not saying that it wouldn't work there, every place is different, but you should always go out of state if possible.

P.S. Picture is attached, unfortunately I don't have a real one available to me to scan for a side by side
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Re: North Carolina Review

Post by HalloSir » Mon Dec 10, 2018 9:04 pm

nice review thank you

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