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Old Delaware review

Post by Pezzer » Thu Apr 25, 2019 12:58 pm

Shipping 8/10: First time, did not receive it, made it all the way to the local post office, and then got sent back for some reason... Second time, everything went well, didn't order extra for shipping... skipped customs some how and got here in 6 days literally...

Communication: 9.5/10: Had a back and forth with reprints to figure out the situation, usually replied within 24 hours, and sent ID's second time since first one's didn't make it. Always sent tracking number when asked for, and overall very easy to contact and get in touch with. Spelling and what not is a little off in the emails, but what can you expect for a second language lol... overall very good communication..

Stealth 9.5/10: Not sure what happened to the first order, but the second order was hidden very well, not even sure if it went into customs because how fast it came.. overall great job, and wouldn't worry about it.

Now onto the ID..
So far I went to a variety of liquor stores, no bars yet, and what not, all worked fine, some stared at it a while, but worked.

Cost: 10/10: No questions asked.. best deal you'll find, only suggestion is to pay with bitcoin, even if you don't have it ask your friends who have it and pay them cash or what not... Well worth it, especially with different promo codes and avoiding the problems with WU, well worth it, hands down best deal you'll find. I had a group of 5, paid about 30$ US for each one..

Photoshop: Picture looks perfect, background shading looks a little off but close to unnoticeable and, signature is perfect as well

Template 9/10: Comparing to the Delaware ID's I see online.. template is spot on, template is almost perfect I'd say, only thing I could argue is the flower to the right of the card looks a little different, but out of state people will never know..

Thickness 8/10: Can't really give a fair review on the thickness, mainly because I never physically compared it to another Delaware ID, but I must say compared to my current NJ Id, it is very thick. Not too noticeable I would say, especially since I use it out of state, but definitely feels a little too thick, but could just be the ID. Material itself is pretty accurate also.

Scans 10/10: Worked every single store I've been to, Worked at bars my friends went to, and works with variety of different apps I've tried.. Definitely don't have to worry about it scanning.

Blacklight: never tried it, or even had it tried when purchasing, honestly the last thing you need to worry about, also everything else worked as stated, so wouldn't doubt this at all.

Overall, 9.9/10 it was made a fairly easy process, if your ordering for a group and something happens like my instance, just reassure them, most people get anxious and ask/say stupid shit on forums, but if your patient it will arrive, always get the tracking and if something goes wrong just shoot them an email, very understanding, just provide proof. Overall, great experience, despite the first order not arriving, the communication was really spot on. I was taking a lot of heat because of the group order, but it came in, looks great, and works perfect. I'm satisfied and same with all my friends (Just glad they shut their mouth), definitely would order again, especially with the cost, really made it worth it!!!! Thanks g0d!

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