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Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 1:39 am
by yungbob
Cost 10/10
Ordered this set of ID's with another set, total was like 108 USD after paying for expedited shipping

Communication 10/10
Emailed tracking a few times, they always emailed back within a day or so.

Shipping Time 10/10
Ordered: 3/19
Paid (WU): 3/20
Shipped: 3/30
Arrived 4/8

Stealth 10/10
Great job hiding the ID's. Honestly it took me a sec when I opened it to realize where the ID's are lol. Got through Customs NO PROBLEM!

Texture/Material 9.9/10

feels great. it feels like a legit ID, when comparing to the a real one SIDE TO SIDE, yeah you can tell a difference but its an out of state ID so there wont be a problem.

Photoshop 9/10
Everything looks great and they matched the colors in the background. The only issue is the picture is almost too good? Shouldn't be a problem and I doubt most bouncers would notice.
Template 9.5/10
I've compared this to a legit NM ID and the font and colors are almost exactly the same. The thickness of the ID feels pretty much exactly how it should. Of course, it is not a real ID but the template is as good as it gets.

Scan 10/10
Scans perfectly fine on every app I've tested

Blacklight Test 10/10

absolutely perfect!


Overall 10/10

Overall, I had a great experience with g0d. I will definitely order from him again if I need to. The communication, tons of different ways to pay, and the quality just made it such an easy experience. I definitely think g0d makes the best ID's, and for shipping internationally it came pretty quick (just one day shy of 3 weeks). Overall, 10/10 experience!


Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 9:05 am
by 420P0TUS
sorry guys I don't get it...
IDGod uses an old or a new NM design? :?