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Ga review

Post by Indianaj » Tue Mar 12, 2019 2:36 am

I would like to start this one off by saying this a very good id which I would recommend to anyone. g0d did a great job. This isn't a common fake so no one really ever has an issue with anyone using it.

alright here we go

Communication: [10/10]
No need at all to communicate. Once it was shipped I emailed tracking and g0d responded within a day.

Cost [10/10]
With the group discount each one was $60, couple that with a crypto promo and bam only $30. For the price I was extremely satisfied with the product, which I will get into later.

Shipping [10/10]
Did not pay priority but would pay priority 100% next time. 16 cards were ordered on 1/13 and shipped on 1/22. Arrived at my door on 2/14. Very pleased with the turn around. USPS tracking was a pain but that isn’t g0ds issue.

Stealth [10/10]
Got thru customs that’s all that matters, and the stealth gave me something I could use as a little extra haha.

Template/security [9/10]
Nearly a flawless template.

Feel: It feels slightly more glossy the actual id when running your fingers over it. 8/10
Size: the thickness or thinness of this id feels spot on bravo g0d 10/10
Drop test: it is supposed to sound like a CD when dropped and it does. 10/10
Microprint: its all there under a magnifying glass 10/10
Font: font is spot on with the real 10/10
Signatures: the signatures look real solid except the old Ga governor sig is there 9/10
Bend test: bends like a charm 10/10
Back: a little hazy but nothing anyone would notice. The holo is a little shinier on the real 9/10
Scan: it works great 10/10
Photo bday: on the picture the birthday on the real is stamped but should be nothing no one would notice. 8/10
Photo: no complaints here. The ghost photos were solid too 10/10

Only complaint with this id is that I didn’t read up enough and missed that the county bar is the same regardless if the city you choose is in that county or not. So that is the only flaw with mine

Overall 9.9/10 this is worth it
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Re: Ga review

Post by HalloSir » Tue Mar 12, 2019 3:49 am


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Re: Ga review

Post by shejfff66 » Fri Mar 22, 2019 2:03 am

Can you explain what you mean about the county, im planning on getting a GA and dont wanna messup either.

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Re: Ga review

Post by Indianaj » Fri Mar 22, 2019 2:13 am

yeah when you order pick a city in "fulton" county in Georgia. That's like the Atlanta area. I'd go with an Atlanta suburb.

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Re: Ga review

Post by 2pale » Fri Mar 22, 2019 2:26 am

if ur not using in ga wont matter

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