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GA MA NC Reviews

Post by dangermouse55 » Tue Feb 05, 2019 7:53 pm

Communication: 10/10
No issues at all or need to communicate but I received confirmation and a tracking number once it was shipped.

Cost: 10/10
Paid with bitcoin, with the codes they are all great prices.
Shipping: 10/10
Took about 5 weeks even with the shutdown and holiday season, great reliability.

Stealth: 10/10
Made it past customs and campus mail services

NC: 9/10
The barcode on the back looks slightly crooked, I don't have the back of a real to compare too though and it's only noticeable with a lot of inspection. Otherwise, they feel great and look great.

MA: 7.5/10
A great ID that I've been able to use in state and never had a problem with out of state. However, the real is less matte and thicker than this one and when comparing the two side by side or in state it can be an issue. The background is also lighter on the fake than the real but not very noticeable. One issue I had with my previous MA is that the laminate or cover began to peel off after a while around the corners.

GA: 8/10
Looks perfectly passable out of state. However, the background is more gray than blue which is an issue. The text on the top right of the photo should also be further to the right a bit.

For out of state these are all great and MA is alright in state but still gets turned down occasionally-never bad enough to be taken though.

Holos/UV: 10/10
All the holos matched and the UV details worked.

Photoshopping: 9/10
other than the background color being off on some they were great. One of them had darker shadows and one was a little zoomed in but not noticeable unless comparing with each other.

Scanning: 10/10
They all scanned

Signature: 8/10
There was some variation across diff ids in the thickness and darkness of the signature but they all looked good. In the future I will try not submitting a signature and see how it goes.

Overall: 10/10
These are all great IDs for out of state and for the price are unbeatable. I can only speak to MA in state but given how strict MA is with out of state IDs, this will work unless you get box scanned.


This is my first review, let me know if there's anything to add.

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Re: GA MA NC Reviews

Post by 2pale » Tue Feb 05, 2019 9:21 pm

good review, GA IDs r notoriously thin, really gods only problem. The thickness is the only thing god is off on some ids

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