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Old West Virginia

Post by Peterpanda34 » Sun Feb 03, 2019 6:01 pm

I order a West Virginia ID about a two months ago and thought i should review on how well it looks. Pay attentions to the stuff written on each section rather than, the actual numbers.

Shipping 6/10
My first batch got seized in customs for about a month so, i needed them to be reshipped. The second batch took about 2 weeks but, in total I wait for about two months.
Communication 10/10
ID gods always answered in about a day or two every single time
Template 6/10
The overall template's background is the correct color and you can see the entire mountains in the background which is correct. The three problems are the line 5's number/last name is too long so, it interfere's with the hologram picture and line 16 which is ht. It looks completely obvious but, my last name is rather long and if you have a short last name this formatting issue is fine. The second problems is that my class is listed as a class F license which means i can drive a bus or somethings larger its not really a problem but, the majority of people are class 3. It just looks kinda off in my opinion. The biggest issue is the background of the picture is a very deep blue which is completely off since, the real one has a light blue background. It is a real tell to any person try to determine the authenticity. If a clerk has seen other fakes with the same issue you are pretty much screwed.
Photoshop 7/10
There is no issue with the large photo on the left hand side but, the one on the bottom right doesn't fade into the background like the real one does. Its a minor thing compared to the background issue.
Hologram 9/10
I don't have a real WV DL but, when you shine a light at it the holograms really do look correct. I not sure about the placement of them, I would have to look at a legit one.
Signature 7/10
he signature could be edited better as it seems a small and usually, people sign their names through the line given not on top. This may also be because I didn't sign my name as well as I should have. But from the real Ids that I've looked at the signature is a lot bigger.
Scanning 8/10
The whole set of fakes scanned correctly except for the height which came back as 0 ft 0 inches. Not a big deal the name and all the other data came up right away
I personally wish i had order the new WV to see if they corrected the flaws that are wrong with mine however, its an very average fake to say the least.

Liquor stores
Gas station

Again though: if a person has seen a real WV DL you are complete SOL there are too many flaws in my opinion for it to work TBH. It a real 50/50 shot to see if it works . Not a guarantee. It is one of the cheapest ID on the website so considering that you get what you paid for. I have seen a few of the fake ones and in my opinion the Vermont one is the best i have seen

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Re: Old West Virginia

Post by HalloSir » Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:22 am

lol nice review, thanks for the honesty

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Re: Old West Virginia

Post by Peterpanda34 » Tue Feb 05, 2019 1:37 pm

Haha, I mean I got it for half off too cause of the end of year sale.if that happends next year I’ll prolly try another one it’s still good quality

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