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Georgia ID Review

Post by JohnMarvin » Thu Nov 08, 2018 2:18 am


PRICE: 10/10: Great pricing

SHIPPING: 10/10: Ordered 10/30, shipped 11/03, Delivered 11/07. I'm very impressed with the shipping time, and i'm very happy I ordered with express!

HOLOGRAMS: 10/10: Holo looks good

SIGNATURE: 10/10: used a custom signature, looks identical to the one I submitted :)

PHOTO: 9/10: real georgia has darker blue background

TEXTURE: 9/10: It's slightly different but not an issue, it has no problems with bending and the thickness is almost perfect! I also noticed that the micro print is very good too!

ID BACK: 9/10: slightly blurrier than the real one but overall it is very high quality

Problems: none, sippin on a busch 25 oz rn :)
Edit: after further use there’s more information I’d like to add: after comparing to an under 21 id,as I don’t have access to a real 21+, I noticed that there’s a seethrough feature on the real that is missing on the fake, like when you can see the presidents face looking at a bill held up to light; it’s an outline of the state of Georgia with “GA” written towards the bottom and is only visible on the back when holding up to light. It’s nothing big, but I could definitely see a bouncer noticing the absence of this small feature. Also, the barcode on the back is slightly bigger and blurrier than the real. The back hologram is also lacking the “rainbow” shine color that is present on the real. When running my finger across the under 21 It’s noticeably smoother and glossier when on the fake, my finger does not run across smoothly and is more matte. Last thing: the birthday imprint over the photo on the front, on the real, is stamped and is able to be felt by gliding over with a finger, but on the fake, is just printed on over the photo. Thank you for taking the time to read my review :)
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Re: Georgia ID Review

Post by HalloSir » Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:29 pm

can you post a side by side comparison please?

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