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California New Id

Post by Thegod46 » Fri Aug 31, 2018 4:37 pm

I’m doing this review for some people who wonder how long it takes or how good this ID really is. First off let me start off with I did not order priority (I do plan to get more & order priority to see the difference) I order 4 ID all California.
I order them on July 25 with bitcoin the payment was also confirmed on that same day.
July 31 they shipped
August 4 I emailed for a tracking number they emailed me back early morning on the August 6th.
I checked the tracking & seen that it was in China August 1-6 saying the same thing processed through facility just repeated. I finally got a update finally on August 23 with it being in Chicago then it took another 7 days before it arrived at my door so I got it August 30th. All in all I would give shipping 10/10 because it international & sometimes it just takes awhile especially since it not priority. Next I opened the package I seen a really good disguise so for stealth I also give 10/10 I think it could 99% fool any parents. Next communication I didn’t email them that much besides for tracking & a couple questions about bitcoin which they responded farily quickly. So I also give a 10/10
Next I’m gonna do quality of ID. This is one of the best Califnoria ID I’ve ever seen if you didn’t have a real one right next to it. You couldn’t tell it was fake. Unless you had a bar book or the real thing. This ID will work almost every time. (Out of state) instate I would say 40-60% of the time because of the fact that it doesn’t have the lamination on it like the real ones. I would give quality 8/10 because of that fact. What you have to realize it no Fake I’d is gonna be perfect.
Next (scanning) this ID scans flawlessly every place I have been. Gas stations liquor stores & bars. So I would rate it a 10/10
Next holograms from what I see I would also rate it a 10/10 very visible.
Over all this ID is great it’s bends well & goes back to normal but I wouldn’t just sit around bending it all day as for it’s not real so over time it will stay bent. I give it a overall score of 9/10. What people have to understand is international shipping take awhile & that no ID is gonna be 100% perfect otherwise it wouldn’t be a fake ID.
The price I paid was also very cheap for this quality of ID 3 years ago I had a Colorado fake & paid over double the price I paid for this once & it was not nearly this good. I will only Recommended IDgod for fakes in the future.

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Re: California New Id

Post by HalloSir » Fri Aug 31, 2018 7:07 pm

edited to remove stealth techniques, accurate otherwise

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