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Post by Alex5790 » Fri Jun 01, 2018 11:35 pm

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So I bought this and live in a boardering state to California.

Uncertainty level: low (for instate or boardering state)

Cost: 5/10 in conclusion to buying it it’s not worth the individual price due to a lot of missing security features I’ll explain throughout my review

Shipping 10/10 received the Id’s witching 8 days of order which is outstanding but also payed for priority.

Stealth 9/10 received regular ids and reprints with no problems.

Template 4/10 so trust me id god is amazing with his ids from what I have seen. So when I rate the template it’s only because California is very difficult to replicate if a bouncer knows what to look for then the id will not work. To start off with the front of the id A couple problems. the numbers under the picture are pressed underneath the layer of plastic on his I think he melted plastic to the card before laminating. The second feature is the raised print is a little low for California ids. The third problem is the the picture is to bright where California pictures at dark and the fourth problem is the micro print on California’s front is messy and crooked. The problem with the back of the ids is the micro print in the Golden Gate Bridge is suppose to say California 5 times on it and there isn’t one microprinted on it at all. That is the biggest give away on the id.

Photoshop— read template

Holograms/ovi 7/10 great o I on id the only problem on them is they are too low on id. Should be raised abouve the drivers license #

Scanning 10/10 worked everywhere it’s been scanned not a single problem

Signature6/10 read template

Conclusion 6/10 my conclusion on California is don’t buy if you live in California or boarder states with it because it’s misssin a lot of features. not because I’d god is terrible at making ids just because I believe California is a very difficult id to replicate. It’s my fault on buying California for not really looking into buying an id but overall I have been very satisfied with id god and his service. I will be placing a few more orders in with him Over time.

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Re: Old Ca

Post by HalloSir » Sat Jun 02, 2018 3:11 am

good review my man

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