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Kentucky Review

Post by godtalk » Fri May 25, 2018 10:39 pm

This is strictly a review of the ID quality itself. Anything else regarding communication and shipping time varies too much depending on time of year and each individual order for a consistent credible review. G0d may reply within 24 hours or even take more than a week, also the shipping time could take as little as 2 weeks or months depending on how quick G0d gets it out the door and how generous USPS is feeling. Thats the transparent truth


-Coloring is very noticeably off. The shades of green are way darker on the fake compared to the real and can be easily spotted by someone familiar with the real IDs. However, low security places such as gas stations are easy to fool.

-The blue background on the picture of the fake is also darker than the real. This can only really be noticed when comparing side by side. The "glow" is also a bit darker on the face for the fake and the colors are warmer.

-The borders are terribly off, I'm talking 2x thinner than the real. This is definitely a dead giveaway if examined closely.

-Overall font for all lettering on the front is darker and larger, only noticeable when compared next to each other.

-Has hologram strip and seems to be placed correctly for the most part

-Does not have a UV backlight reflector, not a huge deal in low security environments


-The placement is well done and everything is where it's suppose to be. The white on the fake is lighter than the real and the horse logo is darker than the real. The barcode sizing and format is slightly off.

-Passes barcode scanning with BCS like a breeze!

Overall, this is definitely not one of G0ds better ID's but can suffice in low security environments. I would not recommend this for places that examine them vividly as you may risk having them taken. I'd personally rate the overall quality to be 6/10

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Re: Kentucky Review

Post by deltwithafake » Sat Dec 29, 2018 9:07 pm

I cant say I expected much from the ID after reading the review, but its definitely more like a 4/10, but probably only because im from the state and know the id pretty well. definitely not to be used in state, but no one gives a shit where im from, so it works lol

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