Current UK License - Seller Review

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Current UK License - Seller Review

Post by EYID » Tue May 15, 2018 6:36 pm

I've been buying Gods ID's since the end of UKFakes and have bought both of the UK License versions he has offered. As I handle a lot of the ID's made by God I'd say the ID's are ready for a well deserved review. I make the most out of his discount codes when I can but I mainly pay in Bitcoin cash.

•Uncertainty Level: High (A tiny bit noticeable when comparing with a real ID )

•Communication: [7/10]
Most of the time I don't need to contact GOD unless it's for a tracking code to see when it will arrive. There was a mistake around January with orders which delayed them by a few weeks but after getting into contact with God, they arrived no problem. I’ve also had a mess up with a batch regarding the text but the communication with that was hard. Also it’s hard to get in contact with anybody if your payment messes up.

•Cost: [8/10]
When buying one ID it works out so much more expensive than it would buying say five ID's. That means to make it cheap and easy, I have to find five people willing to pay which can take the mick at times. However, if it wasn't for the discount codes GOD offers, it would be 10x harder to buy the ID's. Then again you have to pay high prices for high quality products. It’s still easily affordable.

•Shipping: [8/10]
Usually receive ID's within two weeks, sometimes three.To be fair its quite fast shipping considering they're from China. I also had the odd mistake as I mentioned before around January and that took a few extra weeks but it still came. I've recently paid for an order with priority shipping and will update the review to see how fast that order comes in.

•Stealth: [9/10]
I've received 4 different methods God has shipped the ID's in and not once would you expect anything suspicious. However if you do get caught by family/friends asking why you received a package from China, you need to make up a believable excuse as to what you were buying - you'll understand once you buy an ID from God.

•Template: [8/10] [Front & Back](
There is a massive improvement between the new UK ID's and the previous ones. The previous IDs had the raised text way to black and bold, when real id's have a light grey color to it. The new id's have less boldness and so is very hard to spot by bouncers/shops making it great for any use but they could become a little lighter to match with a real. I have made one of the last names of an ID visible so you can judge the color of the raised text (top left ID). The front side needs to be a little brighter to match up with the color of a real ID. The flags, fonts and background are all a little dark on the front whereas the back seems to be fine.

•Photoshop: [10/10]
The old ID's offered came with shadows around your ears which we don't have on real licenses but now that has been solved making the photos look exactly as they would on a real ID. Whats great as well is that I don't always send pictures with a white background yet God is easily able to fix that, making things a lot easier.

•Holograms/OVI: [8/10]
Holograms are much better compared to any other Fake ID websites. Usually other ID Vendors would have an 'orange peel' effect on the hologram of the ID which was easily noticeable, but I don't see this at all on any of the ID's I've ordered from God. As a bonus too the IDs have the other effects on the ID such as the steering wheel and the spiral things on the front/back, adding to its effectiveness. One thing that looks different when comparing to a real ID is that the hologram on the real ID stands out a lot more than it does on the IDGod, but isn't much of an issue. IDs from God also do not have the lenticular lens on the back which can make things very suspicious if someone goes to check that. Even though it doesn't have the lens, it's still covered up good but would be better with it.

•Scanning/UV: [9/10] [Front] ( [Back] (
One of the only vendors I've done business with that offers a UV layer on the back and front and It's great. Scanning this under a UV light would fool any venue/shop making the ID stand out massively towards other vendors. Personally, I haven't scanned an IDGod using an actual scanner such as scannet etc because they look legit enough to not get scanned, but I'm intrigued to how it would go through. Also, the strength of the UV layer could be a little higher as it looked a little faded but that may just be the UV light I used.

•Signature: [10/10]
No problems with any signatures. I usually just generate a signature online and send it over to God but depending on what font you use decides whether it looks legit or not.

•Conclusion: [9/10]
Honestly its the best fake ID I've ever come across. It has every single security feature a UK ID would except the lens on the back, which isn't that much of an issue. It has raised text which is a must when trying to get into venues as every bouncer I've met checks for raised text. It also has the added UV layer in case someone wants to check the reliability of your ID. Personally, I've used IDs from God all over the country and never been denied. I used it in many places such as London, Leeds, Newcastle and Manchester with no fail. Whats amazing as well is that in case it does get taken off you or lost, you already have a spare one that comes with your original order. The main improvements are a change to the color of the template, less boldness on the raised text, a reduction in price, maybe a thicker card and an improvement in the communication for support; overall I'm happy with the current UK ID God offers. Enjoy.

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Re: Current UK License - Seller Review

Post by IDGOD » Wed May 16, 2018 12:30 pm

well nice write up I like it good job pm me for a reward !

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Re: Current UK License - Seller Review

Post by jocyh98 » Wed Mar 20, 2019 9:25 am

Wow! Great review. Thank you. Makes ordering one, more comfortable for me! Thank you a ton!

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Re: Current UK License - Seller Review

Post by PudalSystem » Wed Mar 20, 2019 3:43 pm

the new IDs do have lenticular on the back & it’s flush too, honestly it’s so sexy

once the current laminate issue has been fixed these are pretty much perfect

also your review was pretty much spot on :)

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Re: Current UK License - Seller Review

Post by debo420 » Wed Mar 20, 2019 4:27 pm

One thing I notice on these reviews is that the UV looks like it needs more ink or something to highlight everything on the UV part though. It looks patchy sorta

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