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Mass Review - Hi Def Scan

Post by GreatPinecone » Sun Apr 29, 2018 10:25 pm

Uncertainty Level: High (Comparing with scans and bar book)

Communication: [8/10]
idg0d is pretty good with getting back to emails. Responded to tracking within 2 days.

Cost: [10/10]
I think this cost like $80 or something with his group pricing. Combine that with the half off coupon and it's a pretty damn good deal.

Shipping: [7/10]
Under 3 weeks. From China it's pretty damn fast.

Stealth: [10/10
They call him the g0d for a reason.

Template: [7/10]
I'll be honest I don't normally order from the g0d but this ID is pretty damn good! I scanned in the ID at 4800 DPI (see above) and it matched up really well with the ID scans I have. The microprint is certainly not perfect, but its 100% passable even at high zoom. The layout is also on point, couldn't find a single issue as far as that went. Raised text is also very very nice. As far as negatives, the coloring is a little off however, and the biggest drawback on the template I'd say is the state seal in the upper left. Like damn, that shit blurry af even before it was scanned in at 4800 DPI. For these reasons I'm gonna rate this a 7.

Photoshop: [7/10]
This has that terrible issue of being "too good" for the DMV. Ear shadows are good though. Also, the MA photo box is pretty wide and it's obvious that the image was stretched a bit to fit this. Definitely still passable but would look infinitely better if they toned down the quality there and fixed the sizing. Weird because on my other g0ds they always have the exact opposite issue, the quality is always poor and the ear shadows are always nonexistent.

Holograms/OVI: [5/10]
Ok so there really isn't any holograms or OVI but this ID has that little silver jawn on it with the state like icon or whatever. It looks OK, and if you didn't know what it was supposed to look like it's probably passable. But comparing to scans, this thing is way under detailed and the ID might get pulled because of that.

UV: [8/10]
Looks solid to me, maybe could be a little brighter?

Scanning: [8/10]
Scans quick on BCS and Scannr. All the info is correct except the state, which shows up as Connecticut. Every single fuckin idg0d ID I have scanned scans as Connecticut lol, what are ya doin g0d lol.

Signature: [10/10]<br/>
Thickness is good, size is good, raised text is good, it's good.

Conclusion: [7/10]
Overall a really solid ID from the g0d. The biggest downfall is by far the little silver jawn in the middle of the ID, this shit is pretty under detailed and it might get pulled for that. For that reason, I'm gonna rate this as a 7. If you're looking for reselling through g0d I'd say this is definitely the move as its one of his best IDs.

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Back Image:

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Re: Mass Review - Hi Def Scan

Post by HalloSir » Mon Apr 30, 2018 1:47 am

excellent review

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