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SC GOD review

Post by dubiousandcopious » Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:14 pm

Uncertainty Level: Medium (Fake in hand comparing with pictures of SC ID and previously handled read SC Id but can’t do a side-by-side)

Communication: [10/10]
What you’d expect. Legitimate questions and problems get resolved, just don’t expect many updates or anything.

Cost: [10/10]
$36 in a group with a code, no complaints.

Shipping: [7/10]
Seized once but after it was reshipped it came within 2 weeks.

Stealth: [4/10]
I’ve had two orders seized so there’s that. Way too high of a percentage but I could just be unlucky. Stealth could pass a visual inspection but if the package was being handled it wouldn’t be hard at all to find the IDs.

Template: [8/10]
Template looks very good to my eye. Only concern is that the text on the left column seems to be more bold one the real one, and the text in the right column seems to be less bold. Also the SC image in the top right corner seems to be a few millimeters too high compared to the real thing, but any out of state bouncer/ cashier would never notice this.

Photoshop: [10/10]
Photoshop is good, no complaints here.
Holograms/OVI: [10/10]
Absolutely beautiful. A lot of holograms and they all look great, instantly gives off less of a “fake” vibe when holding it because of this. Very impressive.

Scanning: [5/10]
Scans fine with pdf417 but BCS returns likely fake. Not gonna work with the nicer scanners in NY or any of the box scanners at nicer bars. 5/10 because it does the job it’s meant to do, It’ll get you into any shitty college bar or past pretty much any grocery stores, gas stations etc.

Signature: [10/10]
Looks fine.

Conclusion: [7/10]
The ID looks and feels great, and the price is right, but the stealth really needs to be improved (unless I’m just unlucky). Also if the scanning gets improved sometime that would be solid.


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