UK Driving License Review (17/03/20)

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UK Driving License Review (17/03/20)

Post by asphult » Sat Jun 06, 2020 2:39 am

Ordered two sets of UK DLs on the 17th March, so this review is quite late, maybe IDGod has improved some of these features since review.

Ordering & Customer Service:

For such high quality, these are very easy to place orders for. I paid using litecoin, with a 50% off discount. Website is easy to follow, after payment got confirmation email sent, asked for tracking and got it, also asked if I received parcel etc. I also had bad raised text on only one ID and he shipped out two new replacement IDs no question asked, but he didn't msg me until it almost arrived. Replacement ID were very good.

Shipping Time:

I ordered on 17/03, shipped 23/03, arrived on 08/04. I paid for quick shipping though, but regardless during Coronavirus shipping is very unreliable, EMS will sometimes take weeks to ship, and my replacement ID took 6 weeks, but not IDGod's fault - just how it is. Both shipments very discreet, incredibly hard to find ID, I don't think anyone (customs, parents etc) will notice, it is very well hidden.

Also, he sends you the EMS tracking website, but to IDGod and any other customers, use the website 'ParcelsApp', much more reliable, faster and detailed.


I will say, even with the cons, this is the best UK DL you can buy, no one is better than IDGod, for real. I have another UK DL from another seller, FakeIDUK, so I will be comparing it to his. (I will add photos tomorrow, too late right now)

-Incredibly good lettering, on the back and front all the dates and letters are very clear. This is unlike FIDUK, where the letters are varying in thickness at times, and have a very slight blur to the edges of the letters. The IDGod has very consistent font and thickness, and is very clear - no blur. There are still some letters like T and E in United Kingdom that are thinner though, as well as the O in my name. The numbers on the back are also very very slightly blurry, but it is nowhere near FIDUK.

Lettering: 9/10

-Raised text is very very good, but one of mine fell off after one day, but I received replacements and so I will say that was just unlucky. On my other pairs and replacements, they are quite durable and compared to FIDUK, they are miles ahead in quality. His feel and look grainy, whereas IDGod has a smooth, slimmer look which mimics the real UK ID.

Raised text: 8.5/10

-Colour and background of the card is very good, with a much better detail compared to the grainy and contrasty look of others, and colours are more on point. Most noticeable is the EU flag with the colour blue, which is very well done. I will say the entire background and colour is maybe close to 1:1.

Colour/Background: 10/10

-Laminate is very good, but there are very slight blemishes/dents in the laminate, but this is also possible on real IDs so not a problem. The laminate however is slightly shiny, and the placement is slightly wonky - but all IDs have very slight uneven placement due to the difficulty of cutting and applying laminate film, so this is present on all IDs if you look close enough. I will say FIDUK laminate is equal on this regard, but sucks in every other way.

Laminate: 7.5/10

-The lenticular is seriously impressive, I will give IDGod that. It is extremely challenging to make a working lent, and while you still can tell it from a real ID at very certain angles, it is the only UK DL I have seen with a real, working Lent, and this is the key security feature that 99% of IDs cannot replicate - but IDGod has done it. It is easily, 0.98:1 replica of the real ID.

Lenticular: 10/10

-Now this is the let down, UV quality is subpar - mainly down to two things. The traffic light on the back of the ID does not line up correctly with the tyre mark on the ID when under UV. It is slightly noticeable that it's not lined up. Perhaps due to this, the traffic light, when under UV, does not display the red and green lights. This is probably the largest fault with this card, otherwise it is basically unnoticeable by almost all security and bouncers. The UV is also slightly dim, but it is not a huge problem. The crest though at the end of the tyre mark with the seahorse is however very well done. It is incredibly detailed, which I find amazing but sadly the traffic lights still have some issues.

UV: 6.5/10

-Not sure what it's called, but the translucent "United Kingdom", steering wheel and spiral design is very good, it's raised and feels and looks like the real ID. In fact it doesn't even exist on the FIDUK, so it's an easy win for IDGod. If your unsure what I mean by the "United Kingdom" it is the tiny text above the lent, and ontop of the EU flag.

Spiral/Steering Wheel/UK: 10/10

Final Thoughts:

Overall however, it is still the best ID I have ever seen, almost all the other sellers have many many problems, and this one is better than the competition in almost every category. I have been very nitpicky and harsh on the ID though, but only because it is the best and praising it doesn't help people see it's faults. In fact, there are a few security features that it includes that are just absent on other IDs. It is a very good ID at the end of the day, 100% would recommend, for the price you pay and the customer service and the qualify, IDGod is the best for a reason.

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Re: UK Driving License Review (17/03/20)

Post by IDGOD » Sat Jun 06, 2020 8:42 am

Thanks for the review.

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