UK Driving Licence Review V3

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UK Driving Licence Review V3

Post by thejozz » Mon Sep 23, 2019 7:34 pm

G0D V3 Review
As a reseller, I’ve been dealing with G0D for quite some time, and recently we have seen significant improvement on the ID’s. Figured I may as well write a review to help advice buyers and thank IDG0D.
The pricing on UK id’s is by far the best on the market. With the bulk discount and 50% off codes the price is unbelievable, but when the 70% codes are on its absolutely mental. 10/10
UK averages about 5-7 days once he has made it and shipped it. Also the stealth is amazing, I’m yet to have any orders confiscated. Absolutely no complaints here.
Communication: G0D is extremely helpful with photo’s (also the photoshop he does with the ID’s is amazing), and communication is very good. Usually I only have to ask for tracking so no complaints. I’ve heard they are very good for providing reprints in cases of seizure too.
The Card:
The cards itself is the same thickness as a real driver’s license. It does bend like a real ID. In the past I’ve had problems with the laminate coming off when bent but this is 100% fixed now.
The Template:
The template on these ID's are near perfect. As for the color of the whole card, it is absolutely spoton in comparison to my real ID.
Ultra Violet:
In the past the UV inking has been slightly off, (slighty faint and lacking in the back), however as of very recently the UV has been perfect (on my batches at least), and has passed every UV scan instantly.
The Font:
The font is perfect and has been for a long time, no complaints.
The Laminate: For quite some time the laminate has been short on the corners (not too noticeable on most) but again on recent batches this has been really improved, with the majority of them stretching right to the corners. Sometimes on the back though it isn’t long enough and I would like to hope this will be fixed soon.
The Hologram:
The hologram on the ID is present and perfect, and can be seen properly at all angles as you would see on a proper ID
The Color:
Them color of the card is actually perfect, nothing else to say
Raised Text:
The raised text is a lot better than it previously has been, as in old batches it would come off without much force, though recently it has been a lot more durable and harder to scratch off. I would still say it could be made slightly better in regards to it staying intact. Still arguably the best raised text on the market. Also the text alignment is almost perfect now.
Lenticular Lens:
The lent is very good on the ID’s (IDG0D is the only company to have a functional lenticular lense flush with the card), however the moving effect on it is slightly different to a real ID. It doesn’t fully fade away at different angles, however it is a lot better than nothing and will fool some bouncers. Honestly the card would be near to impossible to prove as fake if the lenticular was made to fully fade, however I do understand it is one of the most difficult security features to replicate.
Summary: This card is by far the best ID available on the UK market, and I will no doubt stic kto buying of IDG0D. The card is practically perfect however if the few flaws I pointed out are fixed and refined it will never be rejected. Thanks IDG0D!
Have provided a few photos mainly to show the text alignment:
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Re: UK Driving Licence Review V3

Post by PudalSystem » Mon Sep 23, 2019 8:33 pm

nice review mate. but don't you think the ID is a bit shiny? i love my ID to bits and it's got me in to so many places but I've been turned around previously because of the shine on the ID

ngl I don't even think I want it changed lol it is kinda perfect as is imo

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Re: UK Driving Licence Review V3

Post by thejozz » Mon Sep 23, 2019 8:41 pm

I do agree about the shiny laminate; when I first got my ID it always bugged me was never caught out tho, but over time i've found that keeping it in my wallet has sorta 'dulled' it up a bit. I do think with bringing a new laminate it could mess up other parts of the id tho.

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Re: UK Driving Licence Review V3

Post by jrxcks » Mon Sep 30, 2019 3:52 pm

Hey im unable to see any of the images or even a link could you pm me them?

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