IOWA ID REVIEW. 6/8/2020

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IOWA ID REVIEW. 6/8/2020

Post by aengelsr » Tue Jun 09, 2020 1:44 am

So to start this review out, I’d first like to stay I’ve had this ID for about a year now. I ordered around July of 2019 so this is my 1 year of use review.

Photoshop : 7/10. The photoshop is much better than a lot of other fakes i’ve seen, it does look very good. The only issues I see could have been on my part using too high quality of a picture, it looks just a little too clear for a ID picture. Another tiny flaw I see is that the shadows are a little dark for real shadows but other than that the blending of them into the background is very good.

Template : 9/10. I have not see a real Iowa ID in person but comparing it to every single picture i’ve found and bar books i’ve downloaded the template is very very good. Everything is in the correct place and sizes are right as well.

Microprint: 8.5/10. Almost all the microprint is very good and readable if you look close enough and is real words across the board, IDGOD, does not use small scribbles or dots like other sites would. Which gives a lot of real look to a ID. The only little flaw I noticed is it gets slightly blurry, when the text gets really small.

Raised text: 10/10. Comparing to my real drivers license, which is not iowa, the raised text is raised just the right amount and is high quality. No issues found here.

Scanning: 9.5/10. The scanning works literally almost anywhere and never takes 2 tries. I’ve used all the apps and it scans back perfectly every time. The reason it is not a 10/10 is that at a few local gas stations, i’ve found it does not scan at all. This might not be IDGOD’s fault but is just something to know.

Bend/Card thickness: 9/10. The ID passes all bend tests and never has broken or started to peel apart. The ID does seem a little bit on the thinner side, but this could just be something that Iowa IDs have, as i said before i’ve never seen a real Iowa ID so i don’t know if the thickness is right or a bit thin.

Overall 9/10. I would say this is a very good ID, and I personally recommend everyone who i talk to to order from IDGOD
I’ve had this ID for just over a year now and it has never failed me, Me personally looking a little young even though i’m 20, it works every single time. I’ve used it at stores, bars, restaurants and everything in between. These ID’s are definitely top tier, i have friends who have ordered from other sites and theirs are just no where near as good and have gotten taken before but mine has never.

I will attach some pictures for reference for anybody looking for a great ID especially if you’re in the midwest area of the United States.

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