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UK Driving Licence - Licence Number Query

Posted: Mon Jun 28, 2021 11:37 am
by gg573

My question is about the UK driving licence. On the order form, there is the option to pay $10 extra to choose the licence number yourself, rather than having one assigned to you.

If this option is not selected, will the randomly selected licence number correspond to how a licence number 'should' be according to the DVLA rules?

For example, let's say my ID has the name 'Tom William Johnson', with a date of birth as 18/03/2001.

The start of the licence number in this case would always be JOHNS003181TW9. This is made up of the first 5 letters of the surname (JOHNS), the decade of birth (20'0'1), the month of birth (03), the day of birth (18), the year of birth (200'1'), the first two initials (TW) and an arbitrary digit which is usually 9.

The 4 numbers after that can vary, as they are computer check digits and the licence issue number, so aren't a problem. But if any of the first 14 digits are different from what I wrote above, that's a 100% giveaway that an ID is fake, since all UK driving licences use this same number pattern.

So my question is - if one leaves it up to idgod to choose the number, will the chosen number correspond to the licence number 'rules' outlined above?